Samsung Note 7: The company finds two battery flaws that caused the explosions

The failure of Samsung's Galaxy Note7 was one of the most talked about issues in 2016. The phone was initially acclaimed well by the critics for it's great specifications and performance. However soon after that many Note7s were reported to have exploded. Admitting that the phone had a technical fault, Samsung recalled all the Note7 phones which had been sold by then, replacing all the existing units of the phablet with a new one. Samsung had claimed that the newer versions of the Note7 addressed the faults which were there in the previous one. As destiny might have it, the replaced Note7 models were also reported of bursting into flames. Ashamed by the second failure of the Note7, Samsung was forced to issue a second recall of the Note7 and had to suspend the production of the phone entirely. The question that still loomed over was what could have caused the innumerable explosions in most of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s?

At both the ends, we know that many theories have been put forward regarding the Galaxy Note7 explosions and many explanations were made regarding the fires in the phone. But does the story end right there?

In order to answer the question, Samsung put together a team of researchers who investigated the issue and tried to put forward the issues which lead to the explosions. Samsung has now concluded it's investigation into the matter and claims that it was the battery of the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung also added on that nothing actually was the problem with the phone itself.

Samsung mobile head DJ Koh stated
“It was a very painful period, but in a couple of months we learned a lot! I wish that this serves as an opportunity to improve safety of lithium-ion not only for Samsung but for the entire industry."

Samsung tested more than twenty thousand Galaxy Note 7 phones just to find the root cause of the smartphone explosions and just in the initial units of of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s, there was a problem with the battery’s layers of negative and positive electrodes where the company sorted out the welding defects inside the batteries and made the so-called 'safe replacements' prone to short-circuiting and bursting into flames as well.

Once Samsung realised there was a problem with the phones, it changed the battery supplier. You might be knowing that the device was recalled and again manufactured but eventually, the second version failed miserable too. But the replacement batteries had a different flaw. A thin layer that is meant to keep the positive and negative electrodes separate had one of the most unexpected yet fatal problem- it contained punctures which could again lead to a short circuit. And now, this again meant that the Galaxy Note 7 was vulnerable to unmanageable fires. 

Now as the company stopped the production of the Note 7 in October, it is making a comeback soon with the Galaxy S8 which is said to introduce new protocols including an 8-point battery safety check to prevent any of the problems in the future.

Kailash Sudhakar
An engineering undergrad student who loves all things tech. He has a soft spot for Android.
Samsung Note 7: The company finds two battery flaws that caused the explosions Samsung Note 7: The company finds two battery flaws that caused the explosions Reviewed by Unknown on 1/24/2017 12:25:00 PM
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