Development Status Of Nougat Based Bliss ROM

Bliss is one of the most popular AOSP based ROMs of all time. I love Bliss not just for the great number of customisations it has, but also for the very fact that it is available for all screen sizes. Yeah, Bliss is not just available for smartphones and tablets, but also for PCs, this is the fact that makes the ROM all the more intriguing.

While we have had Nougat based custom ROMs like Dirty Unicorns, Resurrection Remix and XOSP for a while now, we haven't seen much of Bliss' take on Nougat. Talking about the current status of Bliss, Jon West wrote:

Current State of Bliss
While I've been busy working on adding as many devices as possible to the Bliss-x86 kernel, the rest of the team has been plugging away, getting things with our CAF branch up to date and in line with our main Bliss n7.1 branch. Our Bliss-x86 project is already in line with that, so it's all devs on deck for the CAF branch this week. 
The team has been trying out new options for quite a few things recently, but one of these things has been how we communicate. We've been using Hangouts as our main communication platform since inception, and it's a bit dated, and not really designed for teams like ours. So we have been trying Slack, telegram, HipChat, and we really aren't too sure about any of them to be honest. So, it looks like we're still open to options there ;)
We're still looking for people who want to help out on Team Bliss in the following areas, so if you know anyone who'd be interested, please let us know: ROM Developers, App Developers, Assistant Team Manager, Graphic Designers/Themers, and Team Cheerleaders. Please contact us if you qualify for any of the above. 
Bliss-x86 project has come a long way since initial release. All development has moved to nougat, and the main ROM has been quite stable. So I've been focusing more on expanding device support in the kernel in order to allow a wider user base. I'm trying my best to learn as I go here. This is all new territory for me ;) We also have remote desktop working in Bliss-x86 as of this latest build, so I'm a little excited to crossword one more thing I no longer need to boot to Windows for :D 
All in all, things have been moving forward for the team, and that's a great thing. Keep up the great work guys!!! Can't wait for what we've got around the next corner.

Although Bliss is still in beta for ARM and ARM64 devices, the x86 (Bliss-x86 for x86 PC, laptop and tablets) variant of the project has had a few stable builds under it's hood. However some bugs are yet to be addressed. Apart from finding fixes to the existing bugs, Team Bliss have also been working hard on adding more features and support for more devices under Bliss-x86.

There are no ETAs as to when Bliss will come out of beta for smartphones, but beta builds can be found over on Bliss' website for the Nexus 6P, 5X, 6,5,4 and the Google Pixel XL.

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Development Status Of Nougat Based Bliss ROM Development Status Of Nougat Based Bliss ROM Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 2/06/2017 11:30:00 PM
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