Leaked logo confirms the name for the larger Galaxy S8 version

Every year, there are at least three android smartphones that could be called close contenders to the most anticipated android smartphone of the year. One of them being Samsung’s Galaxy S and this year is no different. The Galaxy S8 is widely expected to break traditions, one of which could be the names since both the smaller and larger versions this year are rumored to have curved displays. A leak today by a reliable source seems to only confirm this theory, that the larger model of the Galaxy S8 will be officially called the S8+ and not the Galaxy S8 Edge.

Evan Blass (@evleaks), noted gadget leaker, posted the above image on his twitter feed seemingly confirming that the “Edge” branding will no more be a part of this year’s Galaxy flagships also in a way confirming that both the Galaxy S8 versions will feature the “edge” screens and hence the need to ditch the branding. Previously the manufacturer released the Galaxy S6 Edge+ in fall 2015 which was just a larger version of the Galaxy S6 Edge; however, the device had limited availability. The Galaxy S8+ is expected to be available globally. Probably the “+” moniker is for larger than normal devices.

Rumors suggest the Galaxy S8+ in particular will feature a 6.2-inch dual-edge display on top of a 3500mAh battery. This does not necessarily mean Samsung has retired the Edge brand altogether though and we may see it being slapped onto other models this year that have previously not been very edgy, however for the Galaxy S8, the edge branding makes no sense if both versions have the edge.

While “Edge” is the new hot thing among android flagships these days, at least among the Chinese brands, I understand a lot of people do still prefer the flat screens on their smartphones. What about you?

Vivek Tiwari
Vivek calls himself an 'Android' person and a tech enthusiast. Rooting his Android smartphone is a must for him. He loves PCs and is a huge Superman fan.
Leaked logo confirms the name for the larger Galaxy S8 version Leaked logo confirms the name for the larger Galaxy S8 version Reviewed by Vivek Tiwari on 2/11/2017 09:07:00 AM
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