This is what the Google Pixel 2 could look like

We are still quite far from the reveal of Google's 2017 stock Android device and a new render of the upcoming smartphone has surfaced, revealing a few interesting features which could make their way to the new smartphone.

This is an image by Google+ user Deepal Pallav Suthar and, since it is just a render, we can't really confirm any of the features shown in the images.

The pictures reveal a familiar body with a few welcome improvements. First of all, the front bezels have been drastically minimised and two front-facing speakers have been fitted into them. The display is rounded, just like in the leaked pictures of the LG G6. The sides and bottom are very similar to the ones from the current Pixel and yes, the headphone jack is still present. The back has been tweaked quite a lot with the rear glass window now being smaller and not housing the fingerprint scanner inside of it. There are also dual cameras sandwiched by a flash module and some sensors.

The render has been made available in 12 different colour variants so definitely check out the whole gallery here. How do you like the renders? What new features or improvements would you like to see in the next Pixel smartphone?

Patryk Michalik
Patryk is a self confessed tech enthusiast. Currently a student, Patryk has a great interest in UI design, Android modding, and custom ROMs.
This is what the Google Pixel 2 could look like This is what the Google Pixel 2 could look like Reviewed by Patryk Michalik on 2/21/2017 06:11:00 PM
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