Android Nougat is rolling out for Sprint HTC 10

HTC 10 is a flagship phone released by HTC in 2016. When it was released, it came with Android Marshmallow with Sense UI 7.0 topped on it. Sense UI is HTC's custom skin of Android for its devices, just like Samsung's Touchwiz and Xiaomi's MIUI. In Marshmallow update HTC cleared up all the bloatware that it's previous updates or firmware had. We can expect a similar bloatware free experience in Android Nougat update also. This update will also feature the latest security patch update.

Though Android Nougat was released in 2016, very few companies implemented the new Android OS in their devices. Users of HTC 10 had waited for a long time for Nougat update in their devices. Android Nougat update had already started rolling out for those devices which were unlocked at the end of December and locked variants of HTC 10 started receiving the update earlier this year.

The Nougat update will feature a new multi window mode which makes multi tasking a lot easier, it will also feature expanded emojis.The security levels in Nougat Update will be taken to a next level. 

AT&T was the first carrier to release Nougat update for HTC 10. Now, this is the time for users of Sprint HTC 10 to get the updates. The HTC 10 units of T-mobile had already got the update a month before. This update is huge in size as it is of 1.3GB and you might want to be connected to WiFi to download this update.

Bhavya Chopra
Bhavya is a high school student who resides in the city of Lucknow in India. He is a self confessed tech geek. He is fond of writing blogs and surfing the internet
Android Nougat is rolling out for Sprint HTC 10 Android Nougat is rolling out for Sprint HTC 10 Reviewed by Bhavya Chopra on 2/24/2017 07:30:00 PM
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