Play Store's new interface will have a 'Refresh Button'

We have seen Play Store's revamp from the scratch and it went on and on with time having many major and minute interface tweaks. Now, this time it is a major change in a particular section of the mega store for Android apps.

First, for the newest one, My apps & games section will be having a refresh button that will make it easier to refresh the section itself. It is still under the testing phase and the rollout is probably not happening right now which makes it harder to find with very less number of users reportedly got the interface.

Next up, we would like to bring your attention to the earlier images that roamed around and has a connection to the screenshot above.


In the shots above, we can see that the My apps & games section will be having 4 sections that are self explanatory and will help users to navigate to apps in different sections. Still to describe the various sections, first up is the UPDATES tab which will show the apps whose updates are available and those apps which have recently been updated, not to mention, the new refresh button will be appearing in this tab. The second tab is the INSTALLED tab which shows the apps that have been installed through your Google account. Here Google has done a great job by adding sorting to see apps in different order as you can see in the second shot, the apps are sorted in Alphabetical form. Various other sorting options will be made available too. 

It's finally heard by Google and Beta apps will now be having their own dedicated tab which will definitely help testers to keep track of the apps they enrolled in beta for and the updates should be shown in that tab too. Rollout of this interface is still a mystery and considering this revamped interface is a rare sight right now, it is safe to say that testing is going on and should be released soon as a server side update like the usual fashion for the interface changes.

While, we are in doubt that the revamped Play Store interface will have the pull down to refresh feature but if to go with the video below, it seems that pull down to refresh is not going to appear in Play Store, which is kind of weird.

For the idea on how the new interface will work, please refer to the video below.



Rajat Kapoor
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Play Store's new interface will have a 'Refresh Button' Play Store's new interface will have a 'Refresh Button' Reviewed by Rajat Kapoor on 2/20/2017 08:12:00 PM
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