YouTube v12.05 Adds Adjustable Seek Times, Brings UI Tweaks [APK Download]

YouTube had started testing out seek times, in the form of double tap to skip ten seconds, later last year. The feature was rolled out broadly only last week through a server side update on YouTube v12.03.55. As we had shown previously in a video, the seek times could be increased by a multiple of ten seconds by double tapping on the screen simultaneously. Giving the users more control over the seek times, YouTube has now introduced customized seek times through v12.05.


The seek times can be configured by going to Settings > General > Double tap to seek. The above screenshots depict the same.


Left: Previous UI; Right: New UI

Apart from adjustable seek times, YouTube's latest update also includes a revamped user interface. The revamped UI certainly looks more materialised as compared to it's predecessor. The share, save videos offline and add videos to playlist buttons have been added alongside the like and the dislike button.

Apart from the changes introduced in the buttons tab, the new UI also includes a new animation which gets initiated when the overflow button is pressed. In the previous UI, the buttons tab used to get minimised when the video description was expanded, however this isn't the case anymore. The buttons tab now remains there even when the video description is maximised. Users have reported that the new UI is even being seen on YouTube v12.03. This must be a server side update then. YouTube v12.05 will only ensure a wider rollout of the update.

YouTube v12.05 is being rolled out via Play Store only in select countries. However in case you wish to try out the latest version of the app now, you can download the APK of the same from here and install it manually.

Krittin Kalra
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YouTube v12.05 Adds Adjustable Seek Times, Brings UI Tweaks [APK Download] YouTube v12.05 Adds Adjustable Seek Times, Brings UI Tweaks [APK Download] Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 2/13/2017 11:32:00 PM
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