Micromax Dual 5 is a copy !

Micromax Dual 5 which was launched yesterday in India is a rebranded Chinese phone relaunched in India. It is a copy of qiku 360 Q5 where qiku is a Chinese brand.

Moreover, the Micromax Dual 5 priced at Rs 24999 is much more expensive than the qiku 360 Q5. This price is also too high with the specifications it comes with. As far as the specifications are concerned, the device packs in a 5.5" Full HD AMOLED display, 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 652 octa core chipset, 13MP/13MP camera and 3200 mAh battery. For the asking price, Dual 5's counterparts OnePlus 3/3T and the Xiaomi Mi5 offer better specifications.

The whole phone is a copy without even one difference, even the specs are same. The only difference is the logo of companies, that is there is a Micromax logo instead of qiku logo at the back

Indian people - please be aware! We don't recommend you to buy such phones. Micromax is just fooling you and taking more money from you.

Source: Gogi.in

Kailash Sudhakar
An engineering undergrad student who loves all things tech. He has a soft spot for Android.
Micromax Dual 5 is a copy ! Micromax Dual 5 is a copy ! Reviewed by Unknown on 3/30/2017 07:24:00 PM
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