Moto G5 And G5+ coming to India

We all know that Motorola in MWC lauched it's two phones Moto G5 and G5 plus in the mid range series of smartphones.It is the successor of the G4 series smartphones launched last year by Motorola 

The G5 plus is a superior variant of G5 series. It's specs are also higher in some places than G5.These two phones are already launched in Europe and US and these phones will be launched in India on 15th of March.

Let's compare the specifications of G5 and G5 plus :

Motorola G5

Motorola G5 has a 5.0 inch Full HD display. The screen resolution is 1080*1920p. It has 16gb of internal storage. It is powered by Qualcomm 430 processor, a mid range but not entry level processor. It is octa core processor clocked at 1.6ghz. It has 2GB of RAM. It has a 13MP rear facing camera and 5MP front facing camera. It comes with Android Nougat 7.0 out of the box. It has a 2800 Mah battery which can be fast charged. 

Motorola G5 Plus

This variant is provided with a slightly bigger display of 5.20 inches.It also also a Full HD display with the same screen resolution as Moto G5 (1080*1920p). It has 32gb of internal storage which is double the storage of G5. It is powered by a powerful midrange processor, Snapdragon 625. It is also an octa core processor which is clocked at 2Ghz.It has a 12MP rear facing camera and 5MP rear facing camera.It also comes with Android Nougat 7.0.It has 3000 Mah battery which can be fast charged. 

Both the phones are 4G phones which support VoLTE. Both the phones support expandable storage which can be expanded via a micro SD card upto 128GB.

Source: Gadgets 360

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