OnePlus 5 coming soon..? Download the leaked wallpaper

If you dare to call yourself a smartphone lover there is no way you have not heard the name OnePlus by now. The company took the smartphone world by shock with its first device. The OnePlus 2 didn't garner the same appreciation but the third iteration of the OnePlus flagship took the enthusiast market by storm again. The company has proven that when they said "flagship killer" it wasn't just a marketing tag line. The recent onslaught of devices inspired by the OnePlus concept has indeed made many wonder if flagships are worth the price.

Now, it looks like OnePlus is all geared up to announce their next flagship smartphone. We get our very first teaser via renown serial leakster @evleaks suggesting that more info on the new OnePlus might be coming our way soon. @evleaks posted a brand new wallpaper-esque image on twitter with the words "Never Settle" plastered n top of it which is so very OnePlus-ish. Smartphone pundit and Android Police managing editor David Ruddock too teased something along the lines saying that OnePlus might announce something very soon, possibly in midnight black color.

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei responded to the tweet with a GIF of wolves howling in the night. We can't necessarily say it's the OnePlus 4 or OnePlus 5 or just another version of the already present OnePlus 3T with a new color but everyone seems to be assuming it will be the OnePlus 5. Why OnePlus 5? Where's 4? It is speculated that OnePlus might skip number 4 since 4 is considered an unlucky number in China. But this is only speculation.

Rumours also suggest that the OnePlus 4/5 will have a massive 4000 mAh battery with 6 or even 8GB of RAM. OnePlus is known to push the boundaries when it comes to RAM so it might not comes as a shocker to many if they do come up with an 8GB RAM flagship.

If the history of OnePlus's launches is considered this seems a bit too soon for OnePlus to launch a new flagship since they usually do it a bit later in the year. Also the company only recently launched the OnePlus 3T. We'll know whatever it is the company has planned in the coming days. Until then, here's your 1080x1920 wallpaper which suggests at least the display of the device, whichever it is, is still 1080p.

Vivek Tiwari
Vivek calls himself an 'Android' person and a tech enthusiast. Rooting his Android smartphone is a must for him. He loves PCs and is a huge Superman fan.
OnePlus 5 coming soon..? Download the leaked wallpaper OnePlus 5 coming soon..? Download the leaked wallpaper Reviewed by Vivek Tiwari on 3/09/2017 09:06:00 AM
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