Here's What You Should Know About The Galaxy S8

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Just  a few hours ago Samsung announced the flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone. Here is what you should know about the new device.

The Galaxy S8 comes packed with the latest and greatest internals. It features a Snapdragon 835 CPU, backed up by 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage in the base model. The display size is 5.8" for the normal variant and 6.2" for the Plus version. This could seem like a lot but thanks to the extremely small bezels (with an 83% screen to body ratio) the device is actually smaller than the Galaxy S7 (that's for the smaller version). The rear camera is a 12MP shooter with an f/1.7 aperture and the selfie camera drops the resolution to 8MP while maintaining that impressive wide aperture. The battery in the smaller S8 has 3000 mAh of capacity with a 500 mAh bump-up in the Plus model.

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The display of the Galaxy S8 is quite an important part of the new smartphone. Not only does the panel feature the QHD resolution (with a slightly altered aspect ratio) and high contrast thanks to the AMOLED technology but it also comes HDR-certified. The display also has slightly rounded corners and I must admit that looks quite cool. This is not everything, though. The new panel also comes with a built-in pressure sensor for the software navigation keys for better interaction with the home button.

There is even more new features in the S8. The phone now comes with Samsung's Bixby voice assistant which is capable of understanding the context much better than other similar services and lets the user control all features of an app by voice. Bixby even has a dedicated hardware key so it might just be the next big thing in AI assistants.

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The software has also seen some improvements with a ton of new features and a completely fresh UI which brings improvements to the launcher, system apps and, most importantly, the always-on display.

The iris scanner from the Note 7 has also appeared in the S8 which is a great decision taking into account how inconvenient the fingerprint scanner placement is. Putting the scanner on the back, right next to the camera lens was definitely a bad move from Samsung.

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is IP68 water and dust resistant so there is no worrying about accidentally breaking the device by, let's say, spilling a drink on it. This is something Samsung has already made us used to and is it is surely a useful thing to have in a smartphone.

Another interesting feature of the S8 devices is DeX. This is a solution which enables you to use your phone as a PC when placed in a special dock. Then simply connect an external keyboard, mouse and monitor and you're ready to go.

Source: Android Police

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