Lenovo Yoga Book Chrome OS version cancelled

Lenovo's Yoga Book was one of the most interesting device of last year. It was a convertible (laptop/tablet hybrid), with touch display, 360-degree hinge, but its unique feature was the virtual keyboard called Halo, which you could also use as a drawing pad, apart from regular keyboard.

At launch it was available in Windows and Android models, but back in December, a Lenovo executive said that a Chrome OS model is in the work and would be released in 2017. Unfortunately that's not happening.

According to a report, the Chrome OS version of the Yoga Book will not see the light of the day anymore. This information was found on Google's open source Chromium project.

Previously, it revealed that the Chrome OS Lenovo Book is code-named Pbody, and now Chrome Unbox has spotted a code commit that suggests Pbody is "dead" indicating, the Lenovo has scrapped the model. However, the commit also suggests an issue fix for the Yoga Book's touch-keyboard module.

Even though, Lenovo's Yoga Book was a unique device of last year, it received mixed reviews, as typing on the virtual touch keyboard was a problem, and the device shipped with Android Marshmallow. The company is yet to push Nougat update to the device.

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Lenovo Yoga Book Chrome OS version cancelled Lenovo Yoga Book Chrome OS version cancelled Reviewed by Kaiser on 4/08/2017 03:00:00 PM
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