Moto Is Now Officially Motorola, Shows Up In Ads & Websites

It was in the news that Moto might be replaced by Motorola name again and it is now officially true and is showing up in various ads and official websites of Motorola. However, this is not a big change as it is just the name but since it has been loved by majority, it is definitely a good move by Lenovo to rebrand Moto as Motorola. While other things remain same like the batwing logo. It is to be noted that the devices that have been launched under the name 'Moto' will remain Moto only and thus, Motorola and Moto are co-existing atleast for now.

Now that the iconic name brings back the reputed vibes, it will be interesting to see if the company can hold up to that with its future phones, the fact is true that the devices launched under Moto tag has not been that successful as the earlier devices when the company was owned by Google but yes, the design language has been much changed for the devices launched recently. Moto Z series have been a game changer in the industry and plays the important role to keep accelerating the path for Motorola. This name has started showing up in ads and websites too, have a look - 

Moto & Motorola Co-exist
The new name is now going live in various regions with India, Indonesia, Spain, Germany & UK already. Motorola Spain has changed the cover picture of its Twitter handle too.

Rajat Kapoor
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Moto Is Now Officially Motorola, Shows Up In Ads & Websites Moto Is Now Officially Motorola, Shows Up In Ads & Websites Reviewed by Rajat Kapoor on 4/02/2017 01:49:00 PM
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