Taskbar App Review

Switching between apps and using them simultaneously has been a big problem for phones which do not have the multi-window feature.

Sometimes on mid-range phones like my Nexus 5, switching between apps by using the recents button often leads to the phone stuttering, lagging or even the application getting force closed for that reason. And we have also long dreamt for a taskbar on phones which makes it so easy to switch between other applications.

That's what the Android app called Taskbar lets us do. I'll be telling how the app actually works and it's pros and cons. With this you can put a taskbar showing either your recent apps or the apps you use the most. You can put the taskbar wherever you want but I like keeping it vertically on the right side which makes it much easier and doesn't cause an obstruction. This app has been much better than the recent button as it switches to other applications instantly and saves time. With a little bit of tweaking you can get the app to work the way you want. It also has a small menu which makes it easier to search for and open apps.

It's a great application but every application does have flaws and I'll point them out. The taskbar should let us to make it smaller so it won't cover the screen and make it uncomfortable. It also gets buggy while sending pictures on Telegram and sometimes doesn't open up the keyboard. All these bugs could be fixed so the app is great overall.


  • Easier to navigate
  • Quick app switching
  • Reduces stuttering


  • Large so can obstruct buttons
  • Causes slight bugs while using keyboard
  • Can consume more battery power and might use more RAM.

Kailash Sudhakar
An engineering undergrad student who loves all things tech. He has a soft spot for Android.
Taskbar App Review Taskbar App Review Reviewed by Unknown on 4/23/2017 10:11:00 PM
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