A leaked video of the HTC U11 gives us a complete view of the device.

We had a promo video telling us to get our squeeze on, we had the spec leaked all over the internet, and now we finally see the beast that is the HTC U11. In the leaked video below, we get a 360 degree view of the device.

Right off the bat, we see that the material is a glossy glass just like the HTC U and U Ultra. It meets the metal trim of the same color which wraps around the phone. We see a very clean front with only the front facing camera and the speaker immediately evident, and the light and proximity sensors tucked away under the glass. The fingerprint sensor is in the usual position on the bottom. As for the sides, we have the classic HTC button configuration: both the power and volume buttons on the right side. The power button sits under the volume rocker and is textured to help tell them apart. On the bottom, we see the single bottom firing speaker on the very right, the microphone right next it and the USB type-C port next to that. There’s a hole right next to the port that’s slightly larger than the microphone which hasn’t been explained yet. Up top, there’s the other microphone and another hole. Moving to the back, we see the circular camera package dead center with the flash to the immediate left. Other that that, there’s the HTC logo sitting prominently in the middle of the device.
From the looks of this, it’s tempting to think that HTC is going the full nine yards with the design started with the HTC U, leaving the metal of older HTC devices behind. While the U and U Ultra weren’t all that appealing, it looks like HTC is refining the design. The shape of the device looks a bit more stream lined and more compact. It has a bit of a more natural looking design and I can honestly say that it looks appealing. The specs point to this device being quite the beast, and if it looks this good in the final production, it should prove to be a good sell. What do you guys think of this design?

Arthur Lee
Arthur is a mobile tech lover through and through, being the head writer for two other tech sites in the past. A lover of Android, he's always looking for more information about this wonderful and open platform. Aside from writing about technology, he is also a musician. He's very happy to contribute to the AndroGuider community.
A leaked video of the HTC U11 gives us a complete view of the device. A leaked video of the HTC U11 gives us a complete view of the device. Reviewed by ArthurLee on 5/06/2017 08:28:00 AM
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