ARM unveils new Cortex-A75, Cortex-A55 CPUs, Mali-G72 GPU

ARM has announced its next generation CPUs and GPU at its event in Computex 2017. This includes the ARM Cortex-A75 for the high-end flagship level devices and ARM Cortex-A55 for mid-range smartphones. The company's new GPU is the Mali G72, which its says is now more efficient. The new CPUs and GPU will be used by Qualcomm, Samsung, Apple to architect their own mobile processor chipsets.

ARM claims Cortex-A75 delivers "ground breaking performance", delivering 20 percent improved performance than its predecessor Cortex-A73. It also provides 15 percent more memory throughput on memory copy over Cortex-A73. The additional computing power and memory will enable demanding apps to rum smoothly, and this will provide a significant boost to the next generation of devices. It is also able to offrt up to 50 percent more performance in multi-threaded use case and 30 percent increase in performance on large-screen devices.

The Cortex-A55 is a follow-on to the Cortex-A53 CPU, and offers 15 percent improved power efficiency, double the memory performance and ten times the scalability. It can also deliver the same level of performance as the Cortex-A53 at a 30 percent lower power. It is also able to deliver sustained performance for a longer duration than Cortex-A53, making it ideal for virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Both Cortex-A75 and Cortex-A55 are built on DynamIQ technology, ARM's new multi-core technology, and focuses on machine learning and artificial intelligence. DynamicIQ gives chipmakers greater freedom in choosing cores includes a 1+7 configuration, where a single Coretex-A7 core can be paired with seven A55 cores. Chipmakers can also use 4+4, 2+6, 1+3, or other configurations in a single cluster. This will give them the ability to maximize the performance of the chip.

Speaking of the GPU, the Mali-G72 builds on the Bifrost architecture, which was first used on Mali-G71, to provide greater performance within an even smaller area. The GPU is designed for high fidelity Mobile gaming and machine learning, and also takes the VR capability of the Mali G71 to a new level. It provides 25 percent higher energy efficiency, 20 percent more performance and 17 percent more efficiency for machine learning. As a result it will offer up to 40 percent more performance overall.

Meanwhile, a leak coming out of China claims that Snapdragon 845 will be equipped with Cortex-A75 cores. The current Snapdragon 835 which powers Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Mi 6 uses a semi-custom design that features Cortex-A73 core, so there is no surprise, Qualcomm will use the new Cortex-A75 on its next gen flagship SoC. Devices powered by the new processor will hit the market Q1 2018.


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ARM unveils new Cortex-A75, Cortex-A55 CPUs, Mali-G72 GPU ARM unveils new Cortex-A75, Cortex-A55 CPUs, Mali-G72 GPU Reviewed by Kaiser on 5/29/2017 03:19:00 PM
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