Made in India iPhone SE will hit stores this month

It's been a quite time after Apple had announced the iPhone production under the Make in India project. According to recent reports, Apple has now started assembling iPhones in India. According to the Wall Street Journal the made in India iPhone will hit the stores this month. Taiwanese company Wistron, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Apple, has completed the trial run of assembling iPhones in India at its facility in Karnataka. The local assembly is seen to be an important step by the company to sell more iPhones in India.

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The Wall Street Journal has reported that the Karnataka Government officials have confirmed that the iPhone manufacturer Wistron Corp has begun production of iPhone SE variant in Bengaluru.

Apple confirmed that they have started assembling limited number of iPhone SE in Bengaluru. Apple said that, ”We are beginning initial production of a small number of iPhone SE. iPhone SE is the most powerful and popular smartphone with a 4-inch display in the world and Apple will start shipping to Indian customers in this month.”

iPhone SE is a throwback iPhone, which resembles the old iPhone 5 and 5S. But under the hood it is powered by the powerful A9 chip coupled with 2GB RAM. The 4inch iPhone SE also comes with a better 12MP rear shooter than its predecessors. It is the best camera you can get from a phone this small. Ultimately iPhone SE is the most powerful "small" phone you can get.

One big question about the made in India iPhones is their pricing. The made in India process may reduce the price of iPhones since it would not be affected by the import duties levied on phones imported into India. The Wall Street Journal reported that the ‘Made in India’ smartphones will get a price cut around $100. Currently the iPhone SE is selling at a low price of  RS. 20,999 on Flipkart. We can wait and see whether local assembling will help bring the cost further down.

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Made in India iPhone SE will hit stores this month Made in India iPhone SE will hit stores this month  Reviewed by Unknown on 5/19/2017 12:04:00 AM
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