Lenovo shows off a bendable laptop concept

Lenovo at its Transform event in New York showed a futuristic looking laptop concept with a unibody design with flexible screen that could bend. Unfortunately, it is just a render, and doesn't exist as a working prototype. 

The concept design shows a flexible display, that gives you more screen space than the regular laptop with a standard display. There is no hinge and connectivity ports. The screen covers the entire top portion and runs towards the keyboard. And since the screen can bend in half, you can fold the laptop when not in use.

The company says the bendable laptop would use "advanced materials," "new screen technologies," and have "always connected features". It will  have pen support and built-in keyboard with a red TrackPoint button on the middle. But, a touch pad is not to be seen. It also has support for voice commands, and will rely heavily on it.

This is not the first time Lenovo is showing off concept device with flexible display. Last year at its TechWorld event, Lenovo showed off working prototype of a flexible smartphone called C Plus, a foldable tablet, Folio. Both are yet to see the light of the day, so don't expect Lenovo's bendable laptop to hit the market anytime soon. 


Kaiser Bey
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Lenovo shows off a bendable laptop concept Lenovo shows off a bendable laptop concept Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/21/2017 11:45:00 PM
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