LG extends the warranty of G6 to two years with "Second Year Promise"

LG has announced Second Year Promise program for the company's new flagship. Under the program LG is offering complimentary second year of warranty for the G6 at no cost. This will be in addition to G6's first year-limited warranty, for a total warranty coverage of two years. The program is open only on LG G6 sold in the U.S, both from carriers and unlocked through authorized retailers.

The Second Year Promise Program is offered to all exiting G6 users or future customer and has the same coverage as the first year limited warranty. However, it must be noted that the new program will not cover or protect against accidental damage such as cracked screen due to drop. 

If you're G6 is confirmed as covered by the limited warranty, you will get a replacement within two business days, after your orginal G6's shipment date. Shipping both ways will be covered by LG. Existing users can register their G6 with LG, within 90 days, while new G6 users also can sign up for the program within 90 days after purchasing the device. 

"To be eligible for the LG G6 Second Year Promise program you must register your LG G6 by visiting www.LGG6Promise.com and entering your personal details: for a qualifying product purchased between 10/3/2017 to 14/06/2017, proof of purchase, an IMEI/MEID and serial number within 12 months of purchase; or for a qualifying product purchased on or after 15/06/2017 proof of purchase and an IMEI/MEID and serial number within 90 days of purchase." 

LG says it launched the Second Year Promise Program because, customer on average own their smartphone for 18 to 24 months, and since customers are keeping LG devices for longer period, the company wanted to ensure that customer remain happy with their device in their second year of ownership compared to first. 


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LG extends the warranty of G6 to two years with "Second Year Promise" LG extends the warranty of G6 to two years with "Second Year Promise" Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/16/2017 11:45:00 PM
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