OnePlus 3 & 3T Will Get Android O 'Within 2017'

The hype nowadays is all about the OnePlus 5 but we still can't ignore the fact that the OnePlus 3 and 3T have proved to be great devices and so did the software experience on them. Now, when we are getting closer and closer to Android O's stable release which is, by the way, expected in August of this year, the hype is getting high among the users of OnePlus 3/3T as to when they will see the new Android O on their devices, so here's some good news for you guys.

It has not been long when the OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau, tweeted out a post stating that the 3&3T will be updated to Android O. This was a great news for the users but the timeframe as to when the update will be out wasn't confirmed by Pete. As you guys probably know, Reddit is a great platform to discuss tech and the same happens to be for the OnePlus community. This resulted in an AMA session for the devices at Reddit. AMA means Ask Me Anything and there, a OnePlus employee said that both 2016 flagship killers, the 3 and 3T, will be updated to Android O within 2017. We can't really say that this is unexpected as the company is fast at updating its devices but given its history, OnePlus tends to finish its job right before the deadline. So, it would be interesting to see if they will be rolling out the update before 2018. However, this news might rejoice the users a bit more and therefore they should be ready to get another Android treat.

Source: Reddit

Rajat Kapoor
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OnePlus 3 & 3T Will Get Android O 'Within 2017' OnePlus 3 & 3T Will Get Android O 'Within 2017' Reviewed by Rajat Kapoor on 6/27/2017 09:39:00 PM
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