Samsung announces ultra-wide 49-inch QLED gaming monitor

Samsung has announced three new monitors for your gaming needs including a 27-inch and 32-inch CHG70 monitors, but the one that gets all the attention is CHG90.

The Samsung CHG90  is the world's first Ultra-wide monitor sporting 49-inch screen, with a max resolution of 3840 x 1080 double full HD (DFHD) pixels and an sharp aspect ratio of 32:9, to deliver exceptional visuals and immersive gameplay, as well as smoother multi-tasking. It's like two screens using 16:9 displays glued together and is basically designed for gamers as a replacement to the dual-screen setups. As a result, gamers no longer need to worry about bezel interference that occur when combining multiple smaller monitors together for an expanded view.

The CHG90 features Samsung's QLED Quantam Dot technology and supports HDR 10 standard for a realistic, detailed and colorful gameplay. It also supports AMD's new Radeon FreeSync 2 technology that "combines smooth, stutter- and tear-free gaming with low-latency, high-brightness, high-contrast visuals, as well as excellent black levels and support for a wide color gamut to showcase HDR content with twice the perceivable brightness and color of that offered by the sRGB standard". This will allow gamers to enjoy a smooth, low-latency HDR gaming experience without having to frequently readjust the software on monitor settings.

The monitor also boasts 1 milliseconds reponse time and a 144Hz screen refresh rate, and advanced, four-channel scanning technology to deter motion blur throughout the entire screen, making the monitor ideal for first-person shooting, racing, flight simulation, and action-heavy games. 

The connectivity options on the monitor include a DisplayPort, a Mini DisplayPort, 2 x HDMI ports and 3 x USB 3.0 ports. It also includes a adjustment stand, allowing for flexible height adjustment for improved viewing comfort.

The 27-inch and 32-inch CHG70 monitors also offer the same functions as CHG90, but comes with 2560 x 1440 pixels display and 16:9 aspect ratio. It has a dual-hinge stand that provides more precise control over how the display panel is positioned. They also has the same connectivity features as CHG90, but misses out the Mini DisplayPort.

The 49-inch CHG90 is priced at $1,499 (Rs. 96,000) and is now available for pre-order on The 32-inch CHG70 is up for pre-order on for $699, and the 27-inch monitor is available for pre-order on for $599. 

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Samsung announces ultra-wide 49-inch QLED gaming monitor Samsung announces ultra-wide 49-inch QLED gaming monitor Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/11/2017 03:15:00 PM
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