Spotify Introduces Group Playlists For Messenger

Barely 24 hours ago, Spotify made a new global announcement, this time focusing on groups in Facebook's Messenger. The new feature is called Group Playlists for Messenger, an incentive created to enable group participants to create playlists within their mutual bond.

This feature goes ahead to enable these participants to create and share new Spotify playlists, collaborate and come out with a perfect mix that they could use in one of their social gatherings, be it parties or road trips.

The Chat Extension button, an in-built feature within Spotify, will enable group members to add songs to the created playlist by simply tapping the "+" icon located next to the composer or by simply clicking on this link.

The creator of the group will have to give the playlist a name before sending it to the group. The creator has to be a current Spotify user. The other participants will be able to add new music to the playlist even if they are not using Spotify but have Facebook (Messenger) accounts.

Source: Spotify | MacRumours

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Spotify Introduces Group Playlists For Messenger Spotify Introduces Group Playlists For Messenger Reviewed by Mike Dee on 6/22/2017 12:41:00 PM
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