Unicode 10.0 officially released with 56 new emojis

Unicode Consortium is releasing version 10.0 of the Unicode Standard that include 56 new emoji, 8,518 characters and four new scripts.  The new Unicode standard also gets a set of Typicon Marks and symbols and a Bitcoin sign. Theses additions will be adopted by major vendors including Apple, Google, Samsung and Windows on their devices in second half of 2017.

The Unicode Standard now includes two dinosaurs, the Bitcoin symbol, and the long-awaited Colbert Emoji. Other emojis are shushing face, face vomiting, star-stuck, bearded man, palms up together, exploding head, genie, hijab, T-Rex and more.  You can check out the full list of all the new emoji over at Emojipedia. These will be most welcomed by emoji fans in social media platforms and chat apps.

Apart from new emoji, Unicode 10.0 now adds support for Bitcoin currency symbol, that looks like a capital letter 'B' with two vertical lines.

The four new language scripts supported are:
  • Masaram Gondi, used to write Gondi in Central and Southeast India,
  • Nüshu, used by women in China to write poetry and other discourses until the late twentieth century,
  • Soyombo and Zanabazar Square, used in historic Buddhist texts to write Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Mongolian.
Twitter and Facebook (testing) have already added support for  Unicode 10, while Google added the new characters to the Android O preview, Apple's iOS devices are likely to get the new emoji with iOS 11.1 or iOS 11.2, scheduled to roll out between September and December. 


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Unicode 10.0 officially released with 56 new emojis Unicode 10.0 officially released with 56 new emojis Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/21/2017 06:22:00 PM
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