WhatsApp's new 'recall' feature will let you delete sent messages

WhatsApp will soon roll out a new much awaited feature to its app that will allow you to recall (delete) sent messages. The feature was being tested since the start of this year.

The new 'recall' feature will be remotely enabled in v.2.17.30+ for iPhone initially, and will also be available for Android and Web. As of now it is not known when the feature will be added to the WhatsApp app.

With 'Recall' you'll be able to recall a message till up to five minutes. You've to tap on the message, and then click on the recall option to delete/revoke the message.The recall feature will work with all types of messages, including texts, videos, images, status replies, GIF's and documents. It is being said that the sent messages will get deleted from both the phones. 

The Recall feature will be very useful when you send a message or photo or video bymistake. 

Apart from recall, WhatsApp will add a few more feature to its iOS app:
  • New contacts tab available under status updates
  • Three new Facebook stickers pack that will up your chatting experience further
  • Tweaks to GIF picker: Sent GIF or Sticker will be saved in "Recent GIFs/Stickers" tab, to access it quickly later
  • Enable users to change their numbers with the app, and when the user changes number, a notification can be sent to select or all contatcts about the switch
  • Live location sharing
Note that these features will not be available in v2.17.30+, but added in future updates.

Just recently WhatsApp updated its iOS app, that bumped the version to 2.17.30, and added new features like albums, filters and reply shortcuts for iPhone users. 


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WhatsApp's new 'recall' feature will let you delete sent messages WhatsApp's new 'recall' feature will let you delete sent messages Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/08/2017 10:43:00 PM
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