Xiaomi announces Ninebot Plus

Besides Mi Laser Projector, Xiaomi at its Mi Ecosystem event in China introduced upgraded Mi Ninebot. The new Mi Ninebot Plus offers improved stability and able to climb over obstacles like bumps easily, as well as it is easier to hop on and get used to the controls.

It has integrated machine learning system, and based on initial usage, Ninebot Plus learns metrics such as speed, balance, agility, recovery, and braking, and after extended usage these metrics will be adjusted accordingly to best suit the user. It also has improved front light that is now incorporated with signal color. The light will change color according to the direction you head towards.

The Ninebot Plus also comes with a remote that allows users to control its movements. You can also use it as a trolley to pick your groceries or use it to walk your dog and intelligently follows you when it is within 20m range.

Other features and upgrades include 800w motor, maximum speed of 18km/h, 11-inch anti-slip tyres that automatically balances when locked, strengthened magnesium alloy chassis that can hold person up to 100 kg, IPX6 rating for water resistance. It can travel up to 35km on a single charge, and weighs 16kg.

There's also an optional Mi Ninebot Plus Camera, which can be attached to the Ninebot Mini Plus. It features  3-axis OIS, 1080p Full HD, 104 degrees wide angle and allows you to video real time.

The Mi Ninebot Plus will be available in China starting July 14 for CNY 3499 ($514 | Rs. 33,000).


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Xiaomi announces Ninebot Plus Xiaomi announces Ninebot Plus Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/28/2017 05:11:00 PM
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