YouTube introduces new VR video format VR180

YouTube has teamed up with Daydream team for a new VR video format VR180, that will allow you to create VR content more easily. The new video format is being touted to deliver 3D video while captuing 180 degress.

VR180 video format focuses on what's infort of you and will give a person 180-degree view of VR, instead of 360-degree. When you watch VR180 on a normal display, the content will be seen in wide-angle view, and on VR headsets, in 3D view. 

The company says VR180 format "transition seamlessly to a VR experience when viewed with Cardboard, Daydream, and PSVR, which allow you to view the images stereoscopically in 3-D, where near things look near, and far things appear far."

With VR180 creators will be able to set up and film videos in a same way they would with any other camera.YouTube also announced that new affordable camera for VR180 from LG, Lenovo and Yi are on the way, so that anyone can make VR videos. 

These cameras will be released this winter and other manufacturers have to register to VR180 certification program to make VR180 supported cameras. 


Kaiser Bey
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YouTube introduces new VR video format VR180 YouTube introduces new VR video format VR180 Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/26/2017 07:09:00 PM
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