Google Street View now lets you explore the International Space Station

Google Street View is a technology featured in Google Maps that lets you explore landmarks, discover natural wonder, and more in panoramic views. Now the search-giant has added one place that will excite those who want to know more about outer space. Starting today you can explore the ISS (International Space Station) on Google Maps.

To make this possible, Thomas Pesquet, Astronaut at the European Space Agency (ESA) spent six months abroad the ISS as flight engineer and captured the Street View imagery in zero gravity. Also the Street View team worked with NASA at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas and Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama to design a gravity-free method of collecting the imagery using DSLR cameras and equipment already on the ISS. The still photos captured by Pesquet were sent down to Earth where they were stitched together to create panoramic 360-degree imagery of the ISS.

These images are now available on Street View and will let you discover and explore the experience of being on the International Space Station. The images show the interiors of the ISS including crew quarters, space suit vault and more. It also gives users a view of the Earth from the outer space. The Street View imagery also has handy little dots, and when you click them additional information or fun facts will pop up.

The ISS acts as a base for space explorations and for over 16 years, astronauts from around the world have been working and living on the ISS, a structure made up of 15 connected modules that floats 250 miles above Earth. 

It also acts as a reservoir that collect data on the Earth's oceans, atmosphere and land surface. It can be also be used to conduct experiment and studies that is not possible in Earth like monitoring how the human body reacts to micro-gravity, studying  cyclones in order to alert populations and governments when a storm is approaching, or monitoring marine litter.

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Google Street View now lets you explore the International Space Station Google Street View now lets you explore the International Space Station Reviewed by Kaiser on 7/21/2017 11:55:00 PM
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