Leak: Pixel XL 2017 To Feature Minimum Bezel Display With Squeezable Frame

Android Police have managed to obtain a render which showcases the second generation Pixel XL in all its glory. The Pixel XL 2017, codenamed taimen, is the largest of the three devices which Google is seemingly working on this year.

The second iteration of the Pixel XL features a design we have already been treated to this year. The Pixel XL 2, or whatever it will be called, sports a design similar to that of the LG G6 and Galaxy S8. If you were a fan of the large display on the Nexus 6, you will be glad to know that the Pixel XL 2 will come with a humongous 6" LG- made AMOLED display with a 2:1 aspect ratio and rounded corners. The display is not like the S8's Infinity Display which goes over the edges, but the trend of minimum bezels is maintained. Android Police claim that the device will have a 3D glass effect. Although they didn't elaborate on that, this might be similar to the 3D effect we saw on the Amazon Fire phones in 2014. The video below showcases the 3D effect in Amazon Fire phones.

The other claims in the leak point to the inclusion of a squeezable frame, similar to what we saw in the HTC U11. A squeezable frame does not mean that you will actually be able to squeeze the phone. What it means is that the phone will be able to detect the pressure you apply at its edges. Depending upon the amount of pressure you apply, different features can be triggered. HTC calls this as the Edge Sense technology. It will be interesting to see on how Google utilizes the squeezable frame and how it can manage to differentiate itself from HTC's Edge Sense technology.

Left: Pixel XL 2016; Right: Pixel XL 2017

The render also points to a few changes from the original Pixel XL. As opposed to Pixel XL 2016, the fingerprint scanner is now placed below the flush glass window in the upper half of the phone. The silver coloured rim around the camera lens hints at a protruding camera.

As far as the hardware specifications go, not much information is available yet. The Pixel XL 2017 was earlier spotted on Geekbench which suggested a 4GB RAM coupled with Snapdragon 835.

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Leak: Pixel XL 2017 To Feature Minimum Bezel Display With Squeezable Frame Leak: Pixel XL 2017 To Feature Minimum Bezel Display With Squeezable Frame Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 7/12/2017 01:09:00 PM
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