Substratum Release 812 Brings SystemUI Crash Detection, Background Services Fix, Xposed Logs & More [APK Download]

The Substratum team have been working hard on improving their theme engine. Substratum's Public Release 812 further enhances the theme engine by addressing various bugs and glitches.

The Substratum team started deprecating support for Masquerade back in March when Masquerade was replaced by Theme Interfacer. Substratum Release 812 completely deprecates support for Masquerade. This means if you are using a Nougat ROM built in March or before, you should upgrade to a later ROM which supports Theme Interfacer.

One of the reasons I like Substratum is that I can apply themes without rebooting my device. This Substratum update further improves how themes are applied. In previous releases, when an overlay had to be applied, Substratum used to kill the background services of an app "to try and prevent a noticeable asset refresh the next time you launched the app." This update temporarily disables killing of the background services so that themes are applied more spontaneously. The Substratum team is working on finding ways for implementing this functionality better.

Release 812 includes detection for constant SystemUI crashes. If an applied overlay is causing the SystemUI to restart constantly, then that overlay will be disabled automatically. The overlay will be disabled after three SystemUI crashes. This feature doesn't require any changes to the ROM commits, so even if you are using an older build of your favourite Substratum supported ROM (not older than April :chuckles:), this feature will work on the old build as well.

Substratum logs now show whether you are using Xposed on Nougat. As we told you before, some themers and custom ROMs may not entertain support requests if you are using Xposed.

The update is being rolled out via the Play Store. You can either wait for an update notification to show up from the Play Store or go ahead and manually update Substratum by downloading it's APK file from here.

The complete changelog for this release is as follows.

Public release 812

SettingsFragment: Hide Samsung Dangerous overlay option on legacy
Clean up all of the XML files
MainActivity: Fix String build after translation refresh
ProfileFragment: Fix String build after translation refresh
Clean up and reformat after fast forward
ProfileFragment: Fix missing String pointer from consolidation commit
Update Gradle dependency for Android Studio Canary 8
Full translation import
Overlays: Only kill background packages on Samsung devices
ShowcaseActivity: Change search URL to samsung themes on samsung devices.
MainActivity: Hide the button to sungstratum play store by default
Overlays: Fix overlays with type3 isn't removed properly
AppCrashReceiver: Simplify switch logic a bit more
AppCrashReceiver: Remove the SystemUI crash count pref earlier
AppCrashReceiver: Change the if-elif-else ladder to switch
AppCrashReceiver: Handle SystemUI crashes properly
TeamFragment: Add LunchBar to all exception catch branches
AppCrashReceiver: Fix Harsh's derp - variable not declared before usage
Refactor and format after cherry pick
References: Slightly tweak LogChar file names
AppCrashReciever: Only log overlays to be disabled if there are any.
References: Slightly change up how checkPackageSupport works
Substratum: Sync down blacklisted packages at boot time
ManagerFragment: Add dismiss button on reboot dialog
OverlayFunctions: Don't restart SystemUI on legacy
BootCompletedReciever: Fix lint warning for clearSubstratumCompileFolder
RescueActivity: Also disable SystemUI overlays
AppCrashReciever: Improve logging
MainActivity: Don't create CountdownTimer object
Substratum: Cleanup LunchBar classes
Long live masquerade
ThemeManager: Don't restart SystemUI on framework overlay change
SamsungIntegration: Allow for devs to toggle whether to hide overlay
MainActivity: Show a toast when LogChar reports are cleared
References: Clear the logchar auto cleanup prefs on reset
Substratum: Add preference to auto clean saved LogChar reports
OverlaysItem: Remove unused method
References: Fix logspam in isAuthorizedDebugger
SubstratumRebase: Rebase on lint from Android Studio Canary 7
Substratum: Add a few null asserts
References: Clean up lint again
References: Surround dynamic shortcuts assignation with null checks
References: It is no longer a safe, peaceful world...
SplashScreenActivity: Apply the SharedPrefs following completion
Update gradle
References: Lint cleanup
References: Clear the restore warning pref on configuration reset
ManageSpaceActivity: Remove unused Context variable
RecoveryFragment: Make sure the restore info dialog gets seen
Substratum: De-duplicate dialog okay/cancel strings
MainActivity: Change FloatUI permissions toasts to AlertDialogs

Source: Nicholas Chum

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Substratum Release 812 Brings SystemUI Crash Detection, Background Services Fix, Xposed Logs & More [APK Download] Substratum Release 812 Brings SystemUI Crash Detection, Background Services Fix, Xposed Logs & More [APK Download] Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 7/27/2017 12:54:00 PM
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