Unofficial Magisk Port Is Now Available For Google Pixel/Pixel XL

A working build of systemless interface Magisk is now finally available for the the duo of Google Pixel and Pixel XL. As opposed to other smartphones, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL have dual system partitions. The dual A/B system partition makes it easier for the updates to be installed seamlessly in the background. XDA member Daveoc64 beautifully explained the usage of the dual system partition on the Pixel devices.

Current devices have a single "system" partition, containing the OS and included apps, which gets patched when an OTA update is released. You can't use the phone when the OS is being patched and it's a slow process. 
With the new feature, the new phones will have two system partitions (let's call them A and B). The phone can run the OS from one of these partitions (A), while the other partition is upgraded by an OTA update in the background (B). When the upgrade has been downloaded and applied to partition B, the phone can quickly reboot into the OS on partition B, making the upgrade much faster from a user point of view.
The next time the phone installs an update, it can apply it to partition A in the background.
All existing devices will simply continue to use the existing partition structure and patching process.

The regular version of Magisk doesn't work on the Pixel devices owing to their dual system partition. XDA Senior Member goodwin_c has successfully made the latest version of Magisk (v13.3) to work on the Pixel devices. If you own a Pixel or Pixel XL device, you can download the working Magisk build from the links given in the source. If you plan to use AdAway, make sure you enable systemless hosts from under Magisk settings. To pass the SafetyNet test successfully, you should enable Magisk Hide for the Google Services Framework and the Google Play Store. goodwin_c has noted that Magisk Hide might take a minute or two to work after the phone boots up.

Source: XDA Forums

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Unofficial Magisk Port Is Now Available For Google Pixel/Pixel XL Unofficial Magisk Port Is Now Available For Google Pixel/Pixel XL Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 7/26/2017 04:41:00 PM
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