Asus confirms Android O for ZenFone 3 series

Asus today finally announced the dual-camera toting ZenFone 4 up. The phones ship with Android Nougat based ZenUI 4.0, and to no surprise, the company has confirmed that they will get Anroid O when it is ready.

In addition, the company had good news for ZenFone 3 owners. Asus promised that ZenFone 3 line up will also be upgraded to Android O, which is most likely to be the last major software upgrade for the devices.

Asus says, the ZenFone 4 line up will get Android O update first, and once the roll out phase is complete, the ZenFone 3 line up will start receiving Android O. As usual, an exact time frame was not revealed, but Asus plans to roll out the update gradually by the second half of 2018.

The Android O will also be based on ZenUI 4.0. According to Asus, ZenFone 4.0 UI has the lightest Android UI skin to date and offers increased performance when using popular apps. The company also got rid out bloatwares, trimming down the 35 pre-installed apps on ZenUI 3.5 to just 13 apps. 


Kaiser Bey
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Asus confirms Android O for ZenFone 3 series Asus confirms Android O for ZenFone 3 series Reviewed by Kaiser on 8/17/2017 10:15:00 PM
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