Intel 8th Generation Core processors announced

Intel has announced its latest 8th generation Intel Core processor family that promises to offer up to 40 percent speed boost over the previous 7th generation Kaby Lake processor, while multi-tasking, and up to 2.3x faster than a 5-year-old system. The first members of the 8th-generation chip family are not Coffe Lake chips, as previously expected, and is simply called "Kaby Lake refresh", and are aimed at ultrathin notebooks and 2-in-1s.

The 8th-generation core family are quad-core chips based on Kaby Lake architecture and 14nm+ process technology and gets optimzations, and design improvements. The chip maker announced four new U-series 15W processor: the Core i7-8650U, Core i7-8550U, Core i5-8350U and Core i5-8250U. 

The base model Core i5-8250U will run at 1.6GHz, with boost clock of 3.4GHz, while the fastest Core i7-8650U will run at 1.9GHz, with boost clock of 4.2GHz. The cache sizes are 6MB on Core i5 processor and 8MB on Core i7 processor, and only the Core i7 models will support Hyper-Threading. They will be intergrated with Intel UHD Graphics 620, with the GPUs of Core i5 models running at 1.1Ghz and Core i7 at 1.15GHz.

According to Intel, users can expect up to 10 hours of 4K UHD local video playback on a single charge. Tasks such as photo editing and creating a slideshow, are up to 48 percent faster, and editing video footage is up to 14.7x faster than the previous generation processor.

Intel says the first wave of 8th Gen Intel Core processor-powered devices featuring i5/i7 processors will come to market beginning in September, and 145 laptop models can be expected. It also said first desktop processors codenamed Coffee lake is coming in the fall, followed by the 10nm products codenamed Canon Lake. 


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Intel 8th Generation Core processors announced Intel 8th Generation Core processors announced Reviewed by Kaiser on 8/21/2017 02:39:00 PM
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