Intel's 8th Generation Processors (Coffee Lake) To Be Seen On 21st August

Intel has finally announced the date to unveil its next generation processors on August 21. Code named Coffee Lake, the new set of processors are to succeed the 7th Generation Kaby Lake, making it the next big announcement of Intel after their Core X (and i9).

The new chips will be manufactured using the 14nm process which Intel applied in its previous 3 generations. Intel claims that the processors will be around 15% better than the previous generation. The most anticipated processor whose authenticity lies in the rumor mill, is the quad-core i3. We can also expect some new hexa-cores. Sadly, Intel might have planned to change the socket for this lineup which means buying new motherboards in order to upgrade. Why does Intel keep doing this?!

You might ask, "What does this mean for Ryzen?" Well, without knowing the full specs and features of the new processors being launched, its hard to tell. At his point, the price will play a very vital role in the success of Coffee Lake. The quad-core i3 might be Intel's attempt to counter the Ryzen 3 recently launched by AMD which provide 4 cores and 4 threads in just $110 and $130. if Intel prices it more than Ryzen 3 without gearing it up with appealing features, it might not stand a good chance in the market.    

Coffee Lake might be Intel's explosive comeback into the market which can stop AMD from steadily stealing their consumers. If Intel has played its cards properly and is able to provide what AMD offers at the same price point then it can inflict some serious damage on its rival. 

Anyway, Intel will livestream the program on its own newsroom page and Facebook page at 8 A.M PDT, August 21.

Source: Intel

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Intel's 8th Generation Processors (Coffee Lake) To Be Seen On 21st August Intel's 8th Generation Processors (Coffee Lake) To Be Seen On 21st August Reviewed by Unknown on 8/09/2017 04:28:00 PM
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