[UPDATE: Deep Sea Blue] Real Life Images Of The Galaxy Note 8 Pop Up

Every image we’ve seen of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 8 so far has been a render, but thanks to recent leaks, we finally have some images of the device in the flesh. The onslaught of renders we’ve been getting over the past weeks have painted a pretty vivid picture of what the Note 8 will look like, sparking massive speculation and rumors. These pictures absolutely confirm what’s been rumored leaked .

We see what looks to be the “Midnight Black” variant of the phone. The pictures are a bit distorted, making the devices appear much taller than they actually are. Etching one of our fears in stone, the rear picture shows the fingerprint scanner placed right next to the dual camera package. The flash and heart rate monitor are sandwiched in between the cameras and the fingerprint scanner. The Samsung logo sits right below the camera package, letting us know who to thank for such a stunning design. Other than that, the back is bare. There’s a large portion that’s been blurred out, concealing what is probably critical information on the device. Moving onto the front image, we see that the device is actually on and functioning. We get a glimpse of the “Always On Display.” The date reads Monday, August 7th, so we know that this picture is rather fresh. The phone must have been in use, because we see a notification with a picture icon. Just like on the back, the front has some information blurred out for the sake of confidentiality. Looking at the sides, we see the usual Samsung button configuration: power button on the right side, with the volume rocker on the left. We also see the implementation of the Bixby button again. On the bottom, we just barely see the end of the S-Pen. Next to them, we see the USB-C charging port and the headphone jack.

There’s not much else to take away from these pictures except for that fact that this phone will be a master at collecting fingerprints. With this new leak, there’s very little left to the imagination when it comes this handset. Though we’ve peeked under the veil and seen this device’s bare essentials, it shouldn’t subtract from the excitement that’ll surround the “Unpacked” event coming August 23rd. So, mark your calendars!  

UPDATE August 16, 2017

Evan Blass has tweeted the "Deep Sea Blue" variant of the Galaxy Note 8. This new render is in-line with the images we posted above showcasing the Galaxy Note 8 with minimal bezels, S-Pen (of course!), an astounding screen to body ratio and the display spilling over the edges like in the case of the S8

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[UPDATE: Deep Sea Blue] Real Life Images Of The Galaxy Note 8 Pop Up [UPDATE: Deep Sea Blue] Real Life Images Of The Galaxy Note 8 Pop Up Reviewed by ArthurLee on 8/16/2017 10:36:00 PM
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