Android Oreo Is Finally Rolling Out To The Nexus Player

Nexus Player
Remember the Nexus Player? It was Google's first Android TV media player, a device with a rather unusual longevity. Launched back in 2014, the Asus-made media player has enjoyed quite a few software updates, starting from the now-dated Android 5.0 Lollipop and climbing all the way to this year's latest and greatest: Android Oreo.

The Oreo update has produced loads of hype and controversy across many communities so far, and the Nexus Player hasn't been cut short of such things. During the Beta Developer Previews, before release, users started seeing unusual data usage being generated by their devices and this had to do with the media player going haywire and uploading large amounts of data with no reason, through their Wifi connection.

However, the bug got fixed quite late and since the fix took time, the release itself was delayed. As a result Oreo arrived on the Nexus Player later than it was expected. Finally, now you can enjoy the latest and greatest version of Android on your Nexus Player. Google has now commenced the roll out of the Oreo update for Nexus Player. If you own the device, you should be getting the OTA notification of the update soon. The build number of the update is OPR6.170623.021

Additionally, you can also install the update manually by flashing the OTA image of the update from here (the factory image can be found here). In case you don't have knowledge about flashing updates, you are advised to wait for the OTA notification to reach you.

Source: AndroidPolice
[image source]: ASUS

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