[Camera Samples] Essential Updates Its Camera App To Improve Low Light Performance & Shot Time

Ever since Essential's PH-1 came out, it has been a recipient to criticism for its mediocre camera performance. Apparently there is no problem with the camera hardware, but with the inbuilt camera application. Folks over at TheNextWeb found that the PH-1's camera performs much better (even in low light) when photos are taken with a modded version of Google Camera instead of Essential's camera app. Moreover, the modded Google Camera application makes use of only one of the two rear cameras. The Essential PH-1 (also known as 'Phone') features a dual 13MP camera setup on its back with one sensor being RGB and the other being monochrome. In case of the Google Camera application, the monochrome sensor isn't even used. 

It is therefore clear that the Phone's camera is a lot more capable than it currently seems. In fact, the Phone has already received an OTA update which makes its camera performance better and reviewers have said that the pictures taken post the update were actually better. If Essential puts more force into its software, the Phone's camera definitely packs a punch. And this is what Essential is doing. The Andy Rubin founded company has updated it's camera application via the Play Store which makes the PH-1's low light performance better (at least that's what the changelog states) and improves the shutter speed. The official changelog as listed by Essential is as follows.

- Stability fixes
- Reduced shot time
- Improved low-light camera performance

In the past we haven't seen any smartphone's camera improve immensely just through OTA updates but that doesn't seem to be the case for Essential. The photos taken post the update to the camera application are indeed better. A commenter on Essential's Facebook post of the camera update shared several photo samples. Check them out below.

Modded Google Camera, HDR, no flash [the commenter wrote "Pixel APK" (instead of Modded Google  Camera), we believe that he either meant the Pixel's camera or the Modded Google Camera; the latter seems to be the better interpretation]

New Essential Camera, with HDR enabled and no flash 

Commenter's take: Not as sharp (as the Modded Google Camera shot), but brightness & colors are more accurate/match actual room light
New Essential Camera with HDR disabled and no flash

Commenter's take: Brighter but less sharp

Another commenter shared a photo of his dog. He wrote, "Huge improvements for low light! Much less noise, better post processing of dual lenses. And the app is way more stable now."

I don't intend to paint a colourful picture here. Opinions always differ and there might be people who won't agree that the Essential's camera has improved. The camera is not in anyway remarkably better but the camera shots do appear to have improved (my opinion), maybe not vastly but they are definitely better than the earlier pictures. I would have loved to include a before-and-after update photo comparison in here, but I couldn't find shots like those.

The update to the camera application is now rolling out via the Play Store. You can access the Play Store listing of the app by clicking here. We will update this post as and when the APK file of the update becomes available.

What do you think? Have Essential Phone's picture taking abilities indeed become better? Let us know in the comments section below!

Krittin Kalra
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[Camera Samples] Essential Updates Its Camera App To Improve Low Light Performance & Shot Time [Camera Samples] Essential Updates Its Camera App To Improve Low Light Performance & Shot Time Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 9/09/2017 12:19:00 PM
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