Super Mario Run to get new levels, a new game mode and Princess Daisy

Nintendo's mobile runner game Super Mario run will get new stuffs later this month. On September 29, Nintendo will roll out an update for the game, that will add new playable character, a new world and new mode.

The new update will add Princess Daisy to the roster of runners, making her the seventh playable character, and she will be available in all game modes.

The game will also get a new world called 'World Star', and it will be unlocked after completing existing stages in worlds 1-6. It will feature nine new levels as well as new enemies and gameplay mechanics.

The new mode being added is called 'Remix 10'. This mode is being described as a "frenetic new mode" and involves a set of 10-super-short sections from the games existing levels. The stages are remixed with each attempt, and there is no Game Over screen and even if you fail to complete a level, you’ll just proceed to the next one without any penalty. In this mode you'll be able to collect rainbow colored bonus medals. The medals gives you the chance to collect new bonus items, which can be used to decorate the Mushroom Kingdom. 

The new update will also give users the ability to listen to their favorite music in the background while playing the game.  When you do so, Mario and his friends will wear headphones as you play.

Lastly, to promote the new update, from September 29, till October 12, Nintendo is temporarily dropping the price of Super Mario by 50 percent.

The update is said to be the biggest update ever, since the release of Super Mario Run and will be available on both Android and iOS platforms. 


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Super Mario Run to get new levels, a new game mode and Princess Daisy Super Mario Run to get new levels, a new game mode and Princess Daisy Reviewed by Kaiser on 9/23/2017 11:18:00 PM
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