The Guy Who Built His Own iPhone In China Managed To Put A Headphone Jack in iPhone 7

Former software engineer Scotty Allen shot to fame when he built his own iPhone 6s in China. Allen used parts he found in the Chinese markets and put them together to build his own iPhone 6s. Recently Allen took up another project - adding a headphone jack to the iPhone 7.

To remind you, Apple dropped the 3.5mm headphone jack for its iPhone last year. The company instead encourages it's consumers to use Airpods which are wireless Bluetooth earbuds made by Apple. Like many Apple fans, Allen wasn't happy with Apple's  move of ditching the jack and so he took it on himself to add the 3.5mm port to the iPhone.

The result was a 17 week long ardeous journey which involved many failiures and learnings. Eventually, Allen was able to add the port to his iPhone. You should watch Allen's journey not because he was able to add the port but because it's inspiring. The 33 minute long video captures Allen's journey of more than four months. There were many ups and downs in course of his journey but Allen didn't give up. Scotty's journey is a great example of the evergreen quote 'Where there is a will there is a way'. 

Allen built a circuit board which alternates between the iPhone 7's lightning port and the headphone jack as and when whichever is plugged in. If the charger is plugged into the lightning port, the iPhone would be charged. If the headphones are plugged into the 3.5mm jack, the iPhone would output the audio to the headphones. You may remember that Apple bundled a 3.5mm to lightning adapter with the iPhone 7. So for the people who didn't wish to give up on their 3.5mm headphones, they could plug in their headphones into the adapter and the adapter into the lightning port. What Scotty did was he built that adapter right into the iPhone. As mentioned before, it wasn't an easy task but Scotty's determination lead his way and he was able to accomplish his goal.

If you wish to watch the video, you can watch it from the embed above or use the link in the source below to watch it directly on YouTube.

Source: YouTube

Krittin Kalra
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The Guy Who Built His Own iPhone In China Managed To Put A Headphone Jack in iPhone 7 The Guy Who Built His Own iPhone In China Managed To Put A Headphone Jack in iPhone 7 Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 9/10/2017 04:35:00 PM
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