Google Assistant can now control Chromecast from phones

The Google Assistant had the ability to control Chromecast dongles and speakers, but only through Google Home smart speaker. And now that ability is expanding to Google Assistant on smartphones.

According to Android Police, Google has rolled out Chromecast control feature to Google Assistant on Android and iOS devices.

With the addition, you can now use the Google Assistant app to control a cast session using voice command  to perform the desired actions. You can ask Google assistant to play music from streaming services, YouTube video on Chromecast device. You even specify Assistant which Chromecast device in the house is the target.

In addition, along with the ability to start or stop a media content, you can even control the volume, pause, or do anything else, that is possible with Google Home, using your smartphone. The new function is compatible with Chromecasts, Chromecast Audio and devices with Chromecast built-in.

The feature is rolling out in phases to Android and iOS devices, so it will not be available for all right now, but it will reach soon. 

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Google Assistant can now control Chromecast from phones Google Assistant can now control Chromecast from phones Reviewed by Kaiser on 10/17/2017 04:58:00 PM
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