Google Clips is a $249 AI-powered camera

Google at its Pixel event announced a slew of products including Pixel 2 phone, Pixelbook, new Google Home smart speakers, new Daydream View VR headset and Pixel Buds. In addition, the company also introduced a tiny AI powered camera called Google Clips. Google says the camera works best when used at home with family and close friends.

The tiny camera has a physical clip at the back, which can be hooked onto clothes, table, chair, kids toy or your pet's collar. And it will automatically capture candid moments of friends, family members and pets. For example "You can set the camera down on the coffee table when the kids are goofing around or clip it to a chair to get a shot of your cat playing with its favorite toy." 

Google Clips uses machine learning capabilities, allowing the camera to automatically look for special moments and capture  stable, clear shots of people you know by itself, without anyone’s intervention. As you capture with Clips, the camera learns to recognize the faces of your family and close friends, and helps you capture more moments of them. All the machine learning happens on the device itself, and the camera indicator lights up, so that everyone known the camera is capturing photo.

The light-weight, hands free camera, also has shutter button both on the camera, and in the dedicated camera app, which gives you manual control of the camera to snap a photo.

The Google Clips sport 12MP f/2.4 sensor with 1.55um pixel size and 130-degree wide-angle lens. It has 16GB internal storage, USB Type-C port and up to 3 hours of battery life. The camera syncs with the Google Clips app using Bluetooth LE and WiFi Direct, and it can save the snapped photos and clips to Google Photos.

Google says the Clips camera will work best with Pixel, and also work with Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, and Apple iPhone 6 and up.

The Google Clips has been priced at $249 (Rs. 16,000) and is coming soon to the U.S.

Kaiser Bey
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Google Clips is a $249 AI-powered camera Google Clips is a $249 AI-powered camera Reviewed by Kaiser on 10/04/2017 11:55:00 PM
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