Google Duo's picture-in-picture mode is now available

One the notable features of Android Oreo is picture-in-picture (PIP) mode, that's mostly utilized for video playback. The feature allows you to shrink the video window, and let you move it around the screen, and place it anywhere, so that you can perform other tasks.

Picture-in-picture mode is available in popular apps like YouTube, WhatsApp and VLC. And now Google's popular video calling app Duo is also getting PIP mode support. The  news was confirmed by Google Duo's technical lead Justin Uberati on Twitter.

To trigger PIP mode in Duo, press the home button in the middle of a video call. This will shrink the video chat window, and you can position it anywhere on the screen, so you can perform other tasks like opening calendar, replying to a message and more. Also the video orientation will change automatically, based on whether you're using the phone in landscape or portrait mode.

It's worth mentioning the feature is available only on devices running Android Oreo. 


Kaiser Bey
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Google Duo's picture-in-picture mode is now available Google Duo's picture-in-picture mode is now available Reviewed by Kaiser on 10/07/2017 09:00:00 PM
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