PixelBook - Google's thinnest and lighest laptop

In the much anticipated Google event, Google has unveiled a number of new hardware including the Pixel 2 and 2XL and the PixelBook. In this particular blog, we will discuss about PixelBook, the thinnest and lightest laptop ever made by Google.

The laptop is actually called a 4-in-1 hybrid which means you can use it as a laptop or fold the keyboard underneath the screen to get a tablet experience. The PixelBook sports a 12.3 inch touchscreen display (obviously) which google claims to bring enough brightness to use outside on a sunny day. At 10.3mm thick, the laptop weights 1.1 kilograms which is almost the same weight as an HP spectre. Google has also induced a new touch-processing algorithm in the trackpad to improve accuracy.

The PixelBook is powered by an intel core i5 or an i7. It comes with upto 16GB of RAM which is plenty enough for smooth multitasking. The different storage options are 128GB, 256GB and 512GB in which you can store your movies, documents, music etc. The battery is said to keep it alive for 10 hours and it comes with USB-type C.

Image credits: Engadget

The PixelBook runs on chromeOS which makes it the first laptop with an inbuilt Google Assistant. Apart from the standard voice recognition, the keyboard also has a dedicated key to activate the Assistant. As an additional perk to the PixelBook, Google has also released a PixelBook pen, a stylus with 60 degrees of angular awareness, latency of just 10 milliseconds and over 2000 levels of pressure sensitivity. Basically, its fast and accurate in tracking your hand movements. You can do a lot of stuff with the pen like sketching, looking up words and finding more about specific images by circling the element while pressing the button on the pen.

Google has made the laptop more helpful by making it automatically connect to your Pixel's data when you are not connected to WiFi. You can download all your favourite apps on the PixelBook so you don't have to switch between your phone and laptop. The laptop and pen are available for pre-order in UK, US and Canada currently.

Source: Google

[Featured image credits: Google]

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