Samsung announces Bixby 2.0, meant for all kind of devices

Samsung's voice assistant Bixby made its debut with the launch of company's flagship Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ to take on rivals such as Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant and Apple Siri. That said, the availability of Bixby was limited to Samsung's premium flagship devices.

But that is changing now as the South Korean tech giant is gearing up to bring Bixby to a number of different devices and services, especially to the Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

Samsung promises that Bixby's new advanced version dubbed as Bixby 2.0 will be ubiquitous and available on any and all devices. Any devices means that Bixby will be powered by cloud and will act as the control hub to your home ecosystem which includes mobile phones, TVs, refrigerators, home speakers, or any other smart device and appliances.

According to Samsung Bixby 2.0 will be more personal with enhanced natural language capabilities for more natural commands and complex processing, which means it can recognize your voice easily.

Samsung is also making Bixby 2.0 an open platform. This means third party developers can integrate Bixby into their services, devices or apps. Additionally Samsung also released first private beta program of Bixby SDK, which can only be accessed by select developers, but it will eventually roll out to all developers in the near future.

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Samsung announces Bixby 2.0, meant for all kind of devices Samsung announces Bixby 2.0, meant for all kind of devices Reviewed by Kaiser on 10/19/2017 09:00:00 PM
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