Samsung Connect Tag can track your kids and pets

Samsung has introduced its first IoT mobile device for multi-purpose tracking: Connect Tag, a tracker to track loved ones, valuables and pets. For example, it can be attached to a child's backpack, so his/her whereabouts can be tracked and  clipped to a dog's collar or pair of keys, so it won't go missing.

The Samsung Connect Tag uses narrowband network technology (NB-IoT, Cat.M1), a specially designed cellular communication standard for small data utilization, low power consumption and the ability to securely connect to the internet for optimal location services. 

The device offers smart location notifications based on NB-IoT or Cat.M1 network, leveraging full internet service to locate loved ones, pets and personal items. It works with GPS, WiFi based positioning (WPS) and Cell ID, so it the Connect Tag can receive accurate location information both indoors and outdoors for location tracking. 

It features geo-fence that will notify the user's chosen smart devices, so that it switches on automatically, when he or she approaches. Users will also be notified when their kids, pet or objects have left the pre-define zone. Using the on-demand feature you can request any Connect Tag's location, when desired, simply by pressing a button on the smartphone. 

There's also a "send my location" function, wherein the current location of the person tagged with Connect Tag, will be sent to the guardian, so that they will know exactly where he/she is and can pick them safely. Additionally, periodic location notifications will show a trace the loved ones location record. All these features can be accessed via the dedicated Samsung Connect / Connect Tag controller App

The Connect Tag is compact sized measuring  just 4.21 centimeters wide and 1.19 centimeters thick. It has IP68 water and dustproof rating, and can last for upto seven  days on a single charge. It also comes with an exclusive ring that easily attaches to bags, collars or key rings.

Samsung in the press release said that the Connect Tag will be showcased at Samsung Developer Conference on October 18-19, and will be available for purchase in the coming months starting with home market Korea, followed by other select countries.

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Samsung Connect Tag can track your kids and pets Samsung Connect Tag can track your kids and pets Reviewed by Kaiser on 10/16/2017 03:54:00 PM
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