Xposed Updated To Version 88.1, Magisk Variants Available

Official Xposed framework v88 for Nougat was released just a few days ago and now rovo89, the creator of Xposed, has released a new update to the framework. Xposed v88.1 improves compatibility with Samsung's stock ROM (GraceUX) and also fixes potential bootloops and slowdowns. Rovo89 also claims to have fixed an incompatibility with MIUI which he believes can make this release of the framework work on Nougat based builds of Xiaomi's customized Android skin. There are still some issues which remain to be fixed.

This release of Xposed framework is currently only available for devices running Nougat. If you run into any issues with Xposed, which you believe are related to the framework and not any module, then you can file a bug report on GitHub. Rovo89 has requested users to supplement their bug reports with full device logs so that the issue can be detected easily.

If you wish to install the Xposed framework in the systemless way, then you can make use of topjohnwu's Magisk builds of Xposed. Magisk has emerged as a popular root alternative to SuperSU with the ability to pass Google's SafetyNet check. The Magisk builds of Xposed are universal across all architectures. This means that the Magisk module will automatically detect the architecture type (ARM, ARM64, x86) of your device's processor and run the Xposed framework suitable for your device. Another perk of installing the Magisk builds of Xposed framework is the ability to uninstall the framework easily. You can uninstall the Magisk module by simply clicking on the delete icon next to it in the Magisk Manager.

Please note here that even if you install systemless Xposed, SafetyNet will be tripped. This is because SafetyNet checks for zygote, which the Xposed framework modifies to work. Since there is an alteration to zygote, the SafetyNet check will return as negative. However if you uninstall or disable systemless Xposed, you can pass the SafetyNet check.

Download Links

Xposed Framework v88.1 by rovo89
Magisk builds of Xposed v88.1 by topjohnwu

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Xposed Updated To Version 88.1, Magisk Variants Available Xposed Updated To Version 88.1, Magisk Variants Available Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 10/14/2017 12:07:00 AM
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