YouTube TV app launched for Android TV, Xbox One, Apple TV

YouTube entered into the entertainment live streaming segment back in March with the launch of YouTube TV, that gives users access to live contents from more than 40 networks at $35 per month. 

However it was available only for smartphone, tablets and PC. And to watch the contents on TV, users has to use Chromecast to stream content from their device to the TV, as there was no native YouTube TV app. But that's changing now.

Google has launched YouTube TV app for the smart TV platforms. In the next few days, users will be able to stream live TV through YouTube TV app on Android TV devices, including NVIDIA Shield and TVs with Android TV build-in such as Sony. It will also be available on the Xbox One family as well (Xbox One, Xbox One S and soon Xbox One X). 

In the coming weeks, Android TV app availability will expand to Smart TVs from Samsung, Sony, and Apple TV.

YouTube TV app for Smart TVs works the same as the mobile platform, but the interface is designed for bigger screens. The app's background is more dark for a more cinematic look, and you can control YouTube TV app with your TV's remote control or game controller.

There's support for background playback and also a new Live guide, that gives you a sneak-peek at what's airing soon. Lastly, the app allows you to pause a video on one device, and continue where you left off on another.

YouTube TV is now available in all top 50 metro areas, covering over two-thirds of the U.S. 

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YouTube TV app launched for Android TV, Xbox One, Apple TV YouTube TV app launched for Android TV, Xbox One, Apple TV Reviewed by Kaiser on 10/31/2017 04:56:00 PM
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