Broadcom may buy Qualcomm

Communications chipmaker Broadcom is considering to purchase chipset maker Qualcomm, according to reports from Bloomberg and Reuters. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the report further mentions that Broadcom is considering more than $100 billion in what could be the biggest ever technology acquisition.

According to the source, Broadcom is talking with advisers about the potential deal and options. However, the talks are private at the moment.

Broadcom is planning to offer in the range of around $70 to $80 per share which brings Qualcomm's market value to around $103 billion. After the new broke out, investors responded enthusiastically, and Qualcomm's share shot up to nearly 19 percent.

The offer is likely to be made in the coming days. However, Qualcomm is said to be unaware of the Broadcom bid as it is yet to be offered. And as of now, it is not certain if Qualcomm would consider the deal or not.

For the unaware, Qualcomm is on of the largest chip maker in the mobile market who supplies to Apple, LG, Samsung, Sony, HTC, and many others, while Braodcom is a major supplier of WiFi chip to many of the same companies. Both companies combined, they would become one of the biggest chipmakers in the world. 


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Broadcom may buy Qualcomm Broadcom may buy Qualcomm Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/04/2017 01:50:00 PM
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