Paytm announces Paytm Inbox, a full fledged messaging service

Back in August it was reported that Paytm will release instant messaging service on its platform to compete with WhatsApp, and other similar apps. Today the digital wallet firm has finally launched the messaging service in the form as Paytm Inbox.

Just like WhatsApp, the Paytm Inbox is a full-fledged messaging platform, that lets you chat with your friends and family, and share photos and video. However you can also send/request money at the same time within the chat app. You can even chat with your friendly neighborhood shopkeeper and order stuff easily and send them money instantly on delivery. The messaging service is also encrypted end-to-end.

You can find Paytm Inbox on the bottom navigation bar of the home screen, right next to the Bank tab, in Paytm app. Tapping on the tab will bring up "Messages", "Notifications", "Orders" and "Games". In the messages option, you will find a button to start a chat with another Paytm user in your contact list. You can initiate private conversation, as well as create group chats.

In the conversations menu, you will be able to send recipient photos and videos from camera app or gallery app, and also send live location. Also, just like WhatsApp, Paytm Inbox also has the option to recall/delete a message.

Paytm's messaging platform also lets users to send and receive money directly within the conversation window, a feature that is missing in WhatsApp, but is in the works. To send money, simply tap on the send button, fill in the desired amount and tap "Send Money". You can even request money by tapping the receive button, then enter the desired amount and tap "Request Money". After this the recipient will get a notification to send the requested amount in the conversation.

Besides messaging and send/request money, Paytm Inbox also features "Notifications", where you can see cashback offers available across categories. It also has "Orders", that will let you view your order and transaction updates on Paytm Mall, and "Games" such as cricket and trivia-based games.

The Paytm Inbox messaging service is currently available for Android devices via the Paytm app, which you can download from the Play Store (Link). The feature will also be rolled out to Paytm's iOS platform soon.

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Paytm announces Paytm Inbox, a full fledged messaging service Paytm announces Paytm Inbox, a full fledged messaging service Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/03/2017 04:41:00 PM
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