WhatsApp will soon get location stickers, call switching and more

Popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp is said to be working on a couple of new features to improve the user experience such as switch between voice/video calls, revamped message recording interface, more power to group admins and location stickers. The features were found by WABetaInfo, a group that checks beta version of developments.

Starting with voice/video call switch, the feature will let you quickly switch between voice calls and video calls easily. WhatsApp nows show a new button during a call that will let you quickly switch from voice calls to video calls without stopping voice call is in progress.

The recipient will also have an option to either reject the video call if he/she wants.WhatsApp is also working on a feature that will allow you to mute a video calls. 

Revamped message recording interface
Earlier users needed to hold the mic icon to record a voice message. In cases where users wanted to record a long voice message, holding the icon was tiresome. But WhatsApp is testing a way to record voice messages without the need to hold the button.

Now when you want to record a voice message, after five seconds, you'll see a new UI for the microphone button. Tapping on it will prompt a lock to appear over the symbol, and you would need to slide the finger up to activate the lock mode to send voice message hands-free. Note that during the voice recording session, you'll be able to scroll up and down the chat window, but not be able to leave it. 

More power for Group administrator
Group admins will be able to disable chat in a group, and only admins will be able to post messages in the group. Members will only be able to receive and read messages, but won't be able to participate in the discussion or post images, videos, files, etc.  In case a member in the restricted Whatspp group want to communicate with the admin, they will have the option called "Message Admin", to send a message directly to the group admin. Participants can also choose to "Mute" the group.

In addition, Group administrator will also have the option to restrict the participants from changing the subject, icon and description of the group. When an admin enables this option, a notification will appear in the group.

Location stickers
It is a new kind of dynamic sticker which lets you choose between nearby locations and apply it on a image or video. It has two layouts and you can load the other layout by tapping on it to see more.

All the above mentioned features will be available on WhatsApp's Android, iOS and Windows Phone platform soon.

In related news, WhatsApp is also reportedly working on bringing its services to Apple's iPad line up. However, it is now known if the tablet with get a dedicated app or a client app like WhatsApp web. Other features in the work include voice and video group calls and payment integration. 

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WhatsApp will soon get location stickers, call switching and more WhatsApp will soon get location stickers, call switching and more Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/19/2017 07:45:00 PM
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