Acer Mixed Reality headset launched in India

Last year in October, Microsoft announced that it will bring affordable Windows 10 compatible Mix Reality headset to market in partnership with various PC makers starting at $299 (Rs. 20,000). These Mixed Reality headset started shipping earlier this year in the U.S, Canada, Europe and UK, and now it has reached Indian shores.

Acer at the grand finale of its Predator league event in Bengaluru announced the the first Windows Mixed Reality headset for the Indian market. Sadly the pricing the was not revealed but it should cost under Rs. 25,000.

The Acer Mixed Reality headset comes with double-padded headband and adjustment knob making it comfortable to wear. It features  inside-out tracking, so you don't need to set up external cameras or IR emitter to have a immersive experience as you move with six degrees of freedom in mixed-reality.

It sports two high-resolution liquid crystal display at 1440 x 1440, 95-degree horizontal field of view, refresh rate of up to 90 Hz, front hinged display, 3.5mm audio and mic jack. The headset has a 13-foot cable to provide more freedom to move around, and connects to PC via HDMI 2.0, while a USB 3.0 connector downloads data.

The headset will ship with optional motion controllers that's equipped with buttons, sensors, and grips to let you interact with virtual environment using hand and arm motions. The motion controllers offer precise and responsive tracking of movement in your field of view using the sensors in your headset. The headset/motion controller bundle will cost more than the standalone headset.

System requirements
The headset requires Windows 10 Creators update, and Acer recommends a system with Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 1700 CPU, NVIDIA GTX 980/1060 or AMD Radeon RX 480 GPU and 16GB RAM or more. The system should also have 10GB additional free space, HDMI/DisplayPort, a USB 3.0 Type-A port and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.


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Acer Mixed Reality headset launched in India Acer Mixed Reality headset launched in India Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/11/2017 07:00:00 PM
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